Traversal through the challenging modes and methods of resolving Requirements

Meets clients & hordes what they expects

The prime phase undertook for the beginning of a project is client interaction and collecting requirements. Direct interaction with the client gives the view of product in client's perspective. This phase is very much useful for a healthier start up.

Canvas study & assess

In this session the deep research and study on the collected requirements are made. Raw design sketches proper documentation and team meetings are conceived in order to completely understand what the client expects and what we can offer.The assessment phase is useful to analyze the overall project .

Tracks project constrains

The second phase is meant to trace out different project constrains that need to be associated with the development phase. Detailed study of these constrains helps the developers to gain a clear outline of what they need to induce and what they need to alter for the successful completion of the project.

Suggest & refine features

This is a completely open discussion with the client where the refined requirement outline with prototype is presented, the final level requirement fix is made. This is the phase where the developers tune themselves on even the minute confusions they hold on the project. Extra useful functionalities are suggested with proper demo before the client in this stage.

Design & Develop

In this phase the refined final requirements are converted to proper design and then adequate development process is performed over it. The design and development will be done team wise with extensive cooperation and dedicated work. Implementation of new functionalities apart from as discussed with the clients are made with special documentation.

Present & record alterations

The developed project is presented before the client in an elaborated manner to make him understand the package . Open discussions, project evaluation and feedback is done following the presentations. The new alterations triggered by client are documented for the sort of future implementation.

Rework & renovate

Based on the document from the client further renovation is done for project as client intends. The rework and renovation of the developed product is done keeping in mind, the possibilities new alterations can bring.


We ensure installation of software in a highly sensitive way. On the spot installation, awareness classes and online installation services are what we offer. Implementation is done along with system testing phase.

Support & Maintanence

Long lasting support and maintenance is what we offer for our clients. The time span of maintenance and support will be finalized based on the project size and other constrains. Dynamic update of sites are also being practiced.