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Being a deep follower of innovations Sparknova extends its area of service to mobile applications development also. Tracking out the wide possibilities of smart phones and its acceptability, Sparknova is in the pathway of delivering mobile applications in Android and Iphone. Smart phones have a wide possibility now a days. The applications which can add up the utility of smart phones and other similar hand held devices results in the development of mobile applications.

Sparknova acquired this spark of realization and started its mobile application development wing focused on android as well as Iphone. Android being an open source and its wide popularity among common people has made its application development at a higher scale. Wide range of device implementations, independent screen and hardware specifications with inbuilt features and a salient framework adds up the versatility of the platform.

iOS is the fastest growing mobile platform in the market today and it has changed the outlook of mobility, accessibility and computing. With the launch of the new iOS 5, more and more businesses are extending their platforms to smartphones leveraging the features and flexibility of iOS platform. iOS has always offered business stakeholders several new and innovative features for creating next generation mobile applications .

Along with client based applications we like to develop applications that suits well for day to day life and those capable of meeting various functionalities. With extensive fore- sight we create applications that fits best for a purpose. Our mobile applications are always the best to be adopted because they were developed in robust IDE'S that speed up programming with specific UI design expertise for small screens and innovative data handling techniques.