Payment aopproval management system is a complete solution which deals with payment approval forms which are the proof of document which formally accepts and approves the payments for various distributors .PAMS have options to generate,approve,reject and submit payment approval forms. There are options to keep the record of the whole generated payment approval forms with associated debit note and a well maintained PAF list. The option to generate reports on the PAF is also enabled as a hard copy of the whole forms generation and status. A well structured budget management part is attached as a special option with the application which will assist to keep the details of budget allocated in advance for various transactions.

This repository will go with an automatic update of the amount entered for each and every money transactions for the categories included in it. Multiple user levels are instantiated based on the approval level assigned. This package have dedicated sections of user management, label management, distributor management and currency management as supporting features of PAF management.