Smart Restaurant replaces the menu book and digitizes the entire food ordering system in restaurants. The food is ordered through Tablets and Smartphones hikes Business Standards as well as offers a fresh outlook for the customers. The animated cuisine details along with timely alerts make the application very attractive to the user. The user can order food quickly through the user-friendly application, which saves time and reduces man power in Hotels. Definitely, it is a powerful tool for increasing Business and enhancing customer satisfaction.


  • Digital Menu will replace Menu Book
  • Guest / User / Admin view
  • Direct Bluetooth / Wifi printing
  • Tablet or Smartphone based ordering
  • App availability (Google Play, Apple Store)
  • Order food & reserve table in advance
  • User friendly & customer centric
  • Fresh outlook in ordering food
  • Uplift business standard
  • Product display with animation
  • Product details, ingredients, price, etc.
  • Provision to comment
  • Timely alert of starter, desserts etc.
  • Instant generation (Kitchen order ticket & Bills)
  • Save time & optimize manpower
  • Integratable with existing system