Who We Are

Sparknova Pvt. Ltd. Integrates solutions and provides business services. Sparknova is based at Delaware in US, Sparknova provides IT services such as Software, Web, Mobile and BPO with business span all over India, US, UK and Middle East. While it is originally specialized in the enterprise market, it has branched into accounting and home networking market as well.

This repository will go with an automatic update of the amount entered for each and every money transactions for the categories included in it. Multiple user levels are instantiated based on the approval level assigned. This package have dedicated sections of user management, label management, distributor management and currency management as supporting features of PAF management.

Corporate profile

In a fascinating history, Sparknova was founded by a group of highly talented software professionals having strong passionate towards technology that worked together in software development operations at Techno Park, Trivandrum. Sparknova casts a shadow in the software industry trailing E2E solutions in hospitality & banking sectors, mobile & web applications etc.

Sparknova expertise provides analysis supplemented with multiple data content. Sparknova maintained operations in India and is currently deployed state-of–the-art technology by the expertise executed by our talented professionals. With several years' experience in providing cutting edge solutions we develop key products to meet diverse need of software industry.

R & D

Our R&D drives innovative products and solutions that keep us at the forefront of software development, web design and banking activities in order to ensure an unrestricted and unmatched experience to our customers. Sparknova pursue its vision over the long term and works sustainably towards its business goals; systematically drive the innovations needed to achieve E2E business solutions. Priority is given for maintaining and expanding the business relations over long term by providing timely and adequate support anticipating the customer's business needs.

This client- centric focus forms the basis for how we, as a company, operate and serve our clients. Being a leading provider of software, management systems, administration system packages, websites we are on our hot pursuit to enlarge our business platform to a wider extend. Our commitment to provide long-term success empowers every associate to provide valuable solution and service beyond the expectation.